Blessing the Columbarium


Blessing the

Holy Family Memorial Garden and Columbarium

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed


Welcome back, Bishop Strickland

To have our Chief Shepard celebrate the Eucharist is a special blessing,

and to be present as our Bishop installs The Book of the Names of the Dead

remembering to whom this month is dedicated and for whom we offer today’s prayer,

followed by the blessing of the Holy Family Memorial Garden and Columbarium,

is both historic and sacred, a moment to of grace be treasured.

Thank you, Bishop Strickland, for joining us today.


Ready to serve at the mass and the blessing of the columberium.

From the left:  Bailey Butts, Evan Guderian, Diocesan Master of Ceremonies Vincent Meinzer, Cameron Lockhart and MacKenzie Phillips



At the the beginning of his homily, Bishop Strickland gathered the children at the front of the altar.  He asked them what are the two most known Catholic prayers.  Do you know?


After the mass, Bishop Strickland blessed the Holy Family Memorial Garden and Columberium.  Then the cremains of Pat Grall and Gaynell Fivel were placed in their respective niches.  Two other families will entomb loved ones in the weeks to come.


From left to right:  Cameron Lockhart who cared for the Bishop's mitre and crozier, Evan Guderian, the crossbearer, Father Mike, the proud pastor, MacKensie Phillips and Bailey Butts were the servers, behind them is Bishop Joseph Strickland, Deacon Steve Summers and the Diocesan Master of Ceremonies, Vincent Meinzer.